Animation– Heartwarming, Funny– Zombies?!

Remember when animations were funny, and not filled zombies? Hey, Jazz Fans, Jimmy Rudolph, here, and I’m a little peeved with Disney straight-to-video. It’s bad enough they (SPOILER ALERT!) killed Bambi’s Mother, but this seems to be rubbing salt into the wound. Mmmm. Venison… Sorry, where was I?

Is there no safe haven for us anymore, no place where we can relax and enjoy a funny movie without zombies creeping in? I don’t know about you, fans, but I don’t leave my zombie infested neighborhood, slash my way to the cinema, plunk down my twenty credits, pick stale brains off the seat, and slap on my itchy neck guard, just to watch a movie about some guy slashing his way through a zombie infested neighborhood with an itchy neck guard. I want romance, music, laughter… maybe a quickie in the stalls, if she’s willing and affordable.

No, folks, I think Disney may have made the wrong bet on this whole “realism” thing. It’s “Cars 2” all over again. But decide for yourself.


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