Funny Zombie Survival Ideas (That Didn’t Work.)

Zombie Survival is no laughing matter. I am on record as being against the hit ABC show, Funniest Zombie Kills, (ratings aren’t everything, ABC– just ask my sponsors.) But sometimes, Jazz Fans, you have to laugh. This blast from the past funny zombie video, a promotional effort from Zombcon, the little start up that changed its name to Trocador, has all the ingredients guaranteed to make you pee your pants– and with laughter this time. It has an earnest, innocent quality, and a well-meant naivete in the face of the zombie apocalypse. Electric leashes for zombies? Okay. Bullet to the brain? Sure. And what about those haircuts?! If there’s any benefit to having survived so far, apart from the sweet, sweet breath of life, it’s being able to look back on how stupid we were in the olden days. Enjoy.


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