Zombie Survival Tip #59- Get Slimey!

Zombie Survival was hard enough, but there may be some light at the the end of the tunnel!  Heyy, Jazz Fans, Jimmy Rudolph, here. I’ll admit I was skeptical when the Himalayan Yogurt came to my Chinese deli. I’m not used to food that pulses, and I threw it away, as well as the free bottle of elixir that came with it. Well, according to this PSA, that “health food” is turning people into Murderous Slime Creatures, capable of unspeakable violence. It looks like this Zachary Devon may have given New York City the shot in the arm she needs to withstand the zombie hordes. This is Zombie Survival, kids! So go out, buy yourself some of the this goop–DON’T EAT IT–but feed it to a frenemy. Then set them loose on the Zombies. Couldn’t hurt, am I right? Best case scenario, we’ve solved our zombie problem. Worst case, we have a new ghastly horde to worry about. My money’s on Zombie Survival, though. Apparently, these Slime Creatures have very accommodating brains that just go walking without their skulls. Doesn’t sound very smart to me…

And don’t forget to tune in next Monday for another all-new episode of Zombie Radio Show! It’ll be Jazz-Tastic! Your pal, Jimmy.


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