Funny Zombies @ WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 05

Zombie Radio Show Graphic #1

Funny Zombies at WZMB Zombie Radio Show

Click Here to Listen to WZMB Zombie Radio Show Ep. 05!

Funny Zombies Eat Cute at Zombie Radio Show! Heyyyy, Jazz Fans! Jimmy Rudolph here, with our first ever episode of Zombie Radio Show. broadcasting live– not undead, but live– from the heart of the Zombie Apocalypse, giving New Yorkers what they need the most– jazz! In this would-be-winner-of-the-Pulitzer-Prize, Jimmy cries poor, laughs with Jokemeister Manny King, and moans with Derek Jeter, undead and unretired. Featured Jazz Artist Count Basie. Laughing at Funny Zombies can kill you! Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink Sponsored by Trocador’s A1-DCon. Tune in Every Zombie Monday for another great episode. Call me optimistic! Leave your comments below to your pal, Jimmy Rudolph, and don’t forget to share, like, tweet, and especially, digg, our little take on the Jazz-ocalypse!

Jimmy Rudolph, Zombie Radio Show DJ

Jimmy Rudolph loves him some pipe at Zombie Radio Show


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